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by: Admin - 5/27/2016
PASS is looking for sponsors on our newly revamped web page. Your business can benefit from the fact that we visit all of the most popular tracks in central PA and get exposure to their regular fans. Additionally our social media is extremely popular with over 3000 followers with tons inf interaction.

100% of your funds are distributed to the teams via IMCA. Contact webmaster@pasprintseries.com to find out rates and information.
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Holiday weekend brings hope for good weather

by: Admin - 5/25/2016
The 2016 season has had plenty of clouds and rain but the weather looks hopeful for the Holiday weekend. PASS will be at Williams Grove on Friday night for the second time this season. Jim Stannard from IMCA will be making the trip from Iowa to cross Williams Grove off of his bucket list.

PASS left the rest of the holiday weekend open to give teams an opportunity to travel to Bedford for a first ever inter regional race for Laurel Highlands. A good car count is expected for both races as teams are anxious to get back on the track.

Lutz wins Clinton County season opener

by: Admin - 5/16/2016
Scott Lutz picked up the win and gained a slim advantage over Zach Newlin in the point standings Friday night as Newlin attended a promotional event for the series at the request of Williams Grove Speedway.

Clinton County has been cancelled twice due to rain finally got in their much anticipated season opener under new management. Teams were impressed with the improvements made at the speedway over the winter.

Lutz picked up the win in Just his 6th race with the series. Lutz had won at Clinton County in 2009 in 410 competition. Pole sitter Reed Thompson making his first start in a month after a crash at Port Royal led to the 10th lap without a front wing when Lutz overtook him for the lead. Defending Clinton County Champ Ken Duke Jr. was second followed by Derrick Bowersox, Kyle Ganoe and Dale Schweikert.

Newlin who doesn't usually race at Clinton County due to his work schedule was at Monroe elementary school representing PASS for the final laps math program which is sponsored by Williams Grove speedway. Season standing reflect National guidelines which take the best 20 races of the first 40 allowing teams the flexibility to compete for the championship without attending every race.

1. 33 Scott Lutz 2. 67 Ken Duke 3. 35 Derrick Bowersox 4. 0 Kyle Ganoe 5. 78 Dale Schweikert 6.7J Joe Davis 7. 6 Reed Thompson 8. 12 Rod Shelly 9. 3 Jack Thornton 10. 72 Dave Guss Jr. 11. 4c Cody Hockenberry 12. 19 Tylor Cochran

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