Schweikart takes first ever win at Path Valley

by: Admin - 6/27/2016
Dale Schweikart drove from his 6th place starting spot to pick up from his first ever PASS/IMCA win Saturday at Path Valley Saturday night. Schweikart used the low groove to overtake veteran Ryan Lynn to move into the top spot while Lynn managed a second place finish with a contact lens folded over in one eye for much of the race. Drew Ritchey, Zack Newlin and Scott Ellerman rounded out the top 5.

Schweikart has been with PASS since 2013 running mostly at Clinton County and Path Valley. Dale had a string of 3rd place finishes at Path Valley in recent races but finally saw victory lane on Saturday night.

PASS/IMCA 305 Sprints (23 cars):
1. Dale Schweikart 2. Ryan Lynn 3. Drew Ritchey 4. Zack Newlin 5. Scott Ellerman 6. Kyle Ganoe 7. Cale Reigle 8. Bobby Sandt, Jr. 9. John Martin 10. Geoff Gill 11. Randy Sterling 12. Dave Guss, Jr. 13. Jake Thornton 14. Mike Alleman 15. Kirsten Hess 16. Tyler Reeser 17. Dave Grube 18. Stephanie Dodson 19. Andrew Hake 20. Cody Hackenberry 21. Kyle Lloyd 22. Scott Lutz 23. Brad Mellott

SSP rains out

by: Admin - 6/24/2016
Thursday night 30 teams either called off sick or left work early in an attempt to get the show in at Susquehanna but once again mother nature had other plans with our 7th weather cancellation or postponement.

Hopefully things will change as we move on to Path Valley for Saturday night short track racing and onto our 3 race "speed weekend" next week.

Reeser wins at Susquehanna

by: Track web site - 6/20/2016
Matthew Miller form our new sponsor "The Beer Hill Gang" was on hand Saturday for his traditional victory lane pose with our winner.

Tyler Reeser continued his great season by picking up the win in Saturday night's 20-lap PASS/IMCA 305 Sprint car feature at Susquehanna Speedway.

Reeser, of Orwigsburg has been the dominant driver this season on the 305 Sprint car tour and he added another track to his season stats with his latest win at Susquehanna.

Starting third, Reeser followed early race leader Dave Grube II for eight laps before taking control of the event and driving away for the feature win.

Zach Newlin came from his eighth starting spot to bring home the runner-up finish ahead of Mark Watkins, Grube and Colby Dice as Scott Lutz, Kyle Ganoe, Austin Burke, Billy Ney and Ken Duke completed the top ten finishers.

Dice, Lutz, Reeser and Burke won heats for the 34 PASS/IMCA Sprints while Andrew Hake was the consolation winner.

Susquehanna Speedway will see action twice this coming week as the BAPS Auto Paints and Coatings 410 Sprint Series returns for a special Thursday Night Thunder event on Thursday, June 23. Joining the 410 Sprints will be the PASS/IMCA 305 Sprints. Pits open at 4PM with grandstands opening at 5PM and racing beginning at 7PM.

Then on Saturday night, June 25, it will be Rock-It Pizza/Manufacturers Night at the speedway as the Credit Connection Auto Sales Super Sportsman return along with a Precise Racing series event for the 358 late models and the Xtreme Stocks. Pits open at 4PM with grandstands opening at 5PM and racing beginning at 7PM.

Fans are reminded to check out for the latest news and results and follow Susquehanna Speedway on Twitter and Facebook.


1. Tyler Reeser, 2. Zach Newlin, 3. Mark Watkins, 4. Dave Grube II, 5. Colby Dice, 6. Scott Lutz, 7. Kyle Ganoe, 8. Austin Burke, 9. Billy Ney, 10. Ken Duke, 11. John Martin III, 12. Randy Kaylor, 13. Donnie Hendershot, 14. Scott Ellerman, 15. Bobby Sandt, Jr., 16. Jaremi Hanson, 17. Reed Thompson, 18. Kyle Lloyd, 19. Ian Detwiler, 20. Cody Hackenberry, 21. Andrew Hake, 22. Geoff Gill, 23. Drew Ritchey, 24. Stephanie Dodson.

Did Not Qualify: Kassidy Kreitz, Quintin Hankla, Brandt Cook, Jay Krout, Kirsten Hess, Erin Statler, John Bordlemay, Vance Berry, Tom Worrick, Jr., Terry Schaeffer.

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