NewsPhotoPurse Bump for Saturday

by: Admin - 6/29/2015
We had a call from Alan Kreitzer this morning and they have a received a donation to the purse for Saturday night by David Long. His donation will add $50 per position to the purse bumping the total to $200 to start and $350 to win! Thanks to David for his support at Lincoln Speedway!
NewsPhotoSpeed Weekend up next

by: Admin - 6/27/2015
Speed Weekend is next on tap for the PA Sprint Series.

July 2 Susquehanna Speedway Park
July 4 Lincoln Speedway
July 5 Selinsgrove

This 3 race weekend is being organized in cooperation with Joe and the TSRS series but basically all RaceSaver teams are welcome. Teams from TSRS don't need to pre-register but it would be helpful to let us know just for car counts. Other regions should let us know just so we can be sure you are in good standing in your region. (naturally our active teams on the Laurel Highlands roster are welcome)

You MUST Run the RaceSaver right rear tire for all 3 races
Mufflers are not mandatory
Rookies (3 races or less) will be handicapped, If you are in good standing with RaceSaver you will run where you draw
You must be 16 or older

Our standard purse is in place which designates $60 tow for non-qualifiers.

We hope to co-operate on several races next year and declare a champion in cooperation with IMCA. This year we will count points (according to IMCA structure) and declare a champion, but there are no IMCA bonus points (it needs to be at lease 8 races)

If you wish to provide a prize for our champion please let us know.

NewsPhotoSSP Cancels 6/27

by: Admin - 6/27/2015
For the second week in a row heavy rains have forced cancellation at Susquehanna Speedway

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