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Car Registration

For registration questions Contact or call Rod Ort at 717-938-5444

Camping Saturday

We understand that camping is available on the speedway grounds. Sites are free, certain sites on the property have electric for $20 per night

Sponsor opportunities



Mail to:
Christi Baker

29 Spruce Road, Marysville, PA  17053

Phone - 717-648-7483

Make check out to:
Port Royal Speedway

  • $100 Lap Sponsors are once again $100. We’ll feature you on our web page, announcer list and on facebook
  • $200 We put each starting position on a foam ball and toss them to the fans with the driver’s signature. If your driver wins you get the TV. You can sponsor the balls for $200
  • $300 We do a fan Give away which involves buying a flat screen TV (for at least $300) and we give that away to a lucky fan,
  • $350 We’ll do a redraw for the top 12 starting positions. You can showcase your company for $350 by sponsoring the redraw.
  • $400 The “founders cup” Non-qualifiers race sponsorship is $400 and helps boost the purse to a FULL normal weekly purse for the 24 cars that don’t make the race. The winner gets a “golden ticket” into next years event. The $400 Includes the “cup” Trophy
  • $ 500 or $600 Hard Charger sponsorship is available for $300 each night or a combined hard charger for $500

Add $ to the top finishers

  • $400 or $800 Our race includes several “RaceSaver” bonus awards you can add to those awards for number of races and years with RaceSaver the race already includes $400 in bonuses. You can double those bonuses for $400 which pays more teams or increase those bonuses for $800 which increases the “per position” bonus from $200 to $300. These bonuses go to exclusive Racesaver teams only.

Add incentives for travelers

  • $500 Travel Bonus You can add to the travel bonus for the longest traveler in two ways. We already have $300 in travel bonuses but if you want to encourage teams from outside our area you can sponsor these bonuses
    • $500 bonus which adds $300 to the longest traveler in the longest traveler in the top ten and the top 20 and adds a $200 bonus for the longest traveler in the non-qualifier
    • $500 for the Friday longest traveler $200 longest traveler in the top 10, $100 to the longest traveler in the top 20 (can be combined) and $200 for longest traveler not qualifying