Billy Ney is close to a win on a budgetNewsPhoto

Billy Ney is one of many racers that compete on a budget. Billys family operation has maintained great finishes over the years despite operating on a shoestring, itís only a matter of time until he picks up a win. Ney races only a select number of races each year which is similar to many teams but even with just a few races he always manages to be close to the front especially at BAPS Speedway.

Maybe 2018 will be the year that Billy will get that win. Our purse structure makes sure that teams like Billy can keep competitive every year without putting all the money in the front and rewarding the spenders, we keep competition close by keeping the purse close and letting talent like Billy in the game.

Check his schedule on our web site and learn all about his team by visiting the Teams/Standing link on our page. There you will see the planned races, past finishes and latest headlines about the team along with sponsors and crew!


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