Erin Statler livin the RaceSaver dream!NewsPhoto

If you review the history of PASS you'll notice that there have been numerous successful women in the series. Erin Statler not only stands out among the women but with 169 races since we started recording in 2008 and a history that reached to the early days of RaceSaver(R) Erin is an enduring icon among drivers in PASS and RaceSaver nationwide. Certainly, she ranks among the most talented.

Statler has survived and thrived all these years on her earnings as a mechanic, she stands as a shining example of how the rules a and purse structure have stood the test of time. It also proves that when the rules and the money are fair these talented women can compete and shine in the spotlight. Best of all Erin and her fellow women racers earn the highest respect among their teammates and competitors.

Let's hope that Erin finds her way back to victory lane in 2018, she's been a big part of our history and deserves to celebrate in our 20th year!

Check her schedule on our web site and learn all about her team by visiting the Teams/Standing link on our page. There you will see the planned races, past finishes and latest headlines about the team along with sponsors and crew!


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