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When hall of famer Donnie Kreitz Jr. selected a sprint car division for his daughter it was a no-brainer. Kreitz has been close friends with French Grimes for many years and that friendship included a belief in the series that Grimes was building. Donnie already fields a team in the high dollar 410 division so naturally he knows the financial risk to reward ratio in that division, but it was not only his budget that helped him select RaceSaver it was a deep-rooted respect in the series that his friend built.

Donnie could have pulled a lot of strings to influence his daughters career but he nor Kassidy have ever asked for special treatment choosing to follow every procedure and honor every rule along the way. He has also been a sponsor on several occasions. Overall their presence has given RaceSaver the one thing that our teams deserve.


The family operation has been patient in their approach and progress is evident. Kassidy picked up a win earlier last year in the rain delayed founders cup race and she can't be far away from a a-main win.

Kassidy already has several races on her schedule for 2018 as she works to co-operate with the distractions of her car owners "other team". She'll need plenty of opportunities as the series which has boasted for years that "anyone can win" has proven true over the years and with new talent coming in every year it doesn't get easier.

Check her schedule on our web site and learn all about her team by visiting the Teams/Standing link on our page. There you will see the planned races, past finishes and latest headlines about the team along with sponsors and crew!


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