Reeser wins at SSPNewsPhoto

In the 20-lap IMCA PA Sprint Series feature event, Zach Newlin and Erin Statler brought the field to the green with Newlin taking the top spot and setting the pace. Just after the midway point of the race on lap 11, Colby Dice slid by Newlin to take over the lead position. Thorughout the entire race, Tyler Reeser started 15th and steadily moved to the front lap after lap. On lap 14, reeser moved into the runner-up spot and set his sights on the leader. With two laps to go, Reeser got by Dice and went on to take the victory over Dice. Newlin settled for third, followed by Donnie Hendershot in fourth. Judi Bates finished fifth. Kyle Lloyd, Tyler Lebo and Derrick Bowersox were the heat race winners.

IMCA PA Sprint Series Feature (20 laps): 1. Tyler Reeser; 2. Colby Dice; 3. Zach Newlin; 4. Donnie Hendershot; 5. Judi Bates; 6. Erin Statler; 7. Drew Ritchey; 8. Ken Duke; 9. Stephanie Stevens; 10. Dave Graber; 11. Andrew Hake; 12. Jay Krout; 13. John Bordlemay; 14. Randy Kaylor; 15. Alex Potosky; 16. Tyler Lebo; 17. John Martin; 18. Kyle Lloyd; 19. Derrick Bowersox; 20. Jaremi Hanson; 21. Brandt Cook; DNS – Jon Haegle; Ian Detweiler; Scott Ellerman.
FEATURE LAP LEADERS: Newlin (1-11); Dice (12-18); Reeser (19-20).
HEAT RACE WINNER: Lloyd; Lebo and Bowersox.


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