HESSTON, PA - Brenneman's Meat Race Night at Hesston Speedway kicked off the
season with Andy Haus taking the PA 305 Sprint victory for his career first
Hesston Speedway win.
Mike Shoemaker won the limited late model feature with Bill Henney topping
the street stocks and Bill Replogle taking the hobby stock main.
Cowboy Jim Kennedy led the sprint feature to the start and beat Todd Spangler to the first turn off the front row. Kennedy was leading the way as third place starter Andy Haus was moving quickly to the front of the field and reeling in the front two. On lap two Haus went to the inside of Kennedy and took the lead never
looking back. As the race continued seventh place starter Lee Cavalet was closing
on the leaders of Haus and Nathan Gramley but he ran out of time. When Gary Deem waved the checkered flag it was Haus taking his first ever Hesston win ahead of Gramley, Cavalet, Roger Irvine and Mark Watkins. Heat wins went to Mel Light, Andy Haus and Todd Spangler.

PA 305 Sprints: 1. 76 Andy Haus; 2. 23 Nathan Gramley; 3. 12 Roger Irvine;
4. 21C Lee Cavalet; 5. 17W Mark Watkins; 6. 3 Johnny Hagen; 7. 47 Tom Worrick;
8. 1 Brian Sweitzer; 9. 89 DJ Holland; 10. R6 Reed Thompson; 11. 79 Mel
Light; 12. 27K Allen Kumpf; 13. 12J Bill Jones Jr.; 14. 88 Jim Wentz; 15. 7 Jim
Kennedy; 16. 33T Todd Spangler; 17. 67 Chris Stringfellow; 18. 4 Rodney Peters


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