Reigle takes first PASS winNewsPhoto

Cale Reigle had a rough season, He lost his father this year and changed his number to 99 to Honor his memory. He's been through a few different chassis and the car he's running doesn't look nearly as good as the car he started the year with.

On Saturday night it looked pretty good.

Reigle pulled into the lead early ahead Tyler Reeser who has seemed unbeatable lately. Reigle pulled out to a fiarly comfortable advantage as Reeser attempted to close the gap approaching lapped traffic. A mid race caution reset the field and Reigle held on for his first ever PASS win. Reeser came home second with Zach Newlin third (claiming the PASS championship) Ken Duke was Fourth and Stephanie Dodson picking up another top 5 finish.

1. Cale Reigle 2. Tyler Reeser 3. Zach Newlin 4. Ken Duke 5. Stephanie Dodson 6. Drew Ritchey 7. Dave Grube 8. Brad Mellott 9. Nathan Gramley 10. Darren Miller 11. Cody Hackenberry 12. Jonathan Jones 13. John Martin 14. Dave Guss Jr. 15. Cory Thornton 16. "Cowboy" Jim Kennedy 17. Dale Schweikart 18. Donnie Hendershot 19. Kyle Lloyd 20. Hunter McCracken 21. Andrew Hake 22. Scott Ellerman

2015 PASS 305 Sprint Series Champion: Zach Newlin


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