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Depending on how you do the math the points race was tied going into Saturday night. PASS adopted the "best 20 or the first 40" format for our first year of IMCA competition but the people in charge of the counting didn't get the memo. When IMCA posted cumulative points going into the weekend Zach Newlin and Ken Duke were tied. The official results indicate a bigger gap. With 22 cars on hand Saturday night the talented duo found themselves once again in the top 5 with Newlin settling any doubt by finishing just ahead of duke in third.

Both drivers had an outstanding season finishing the majority of their races in the top 5. Duke with a smooth and steady driving style picked up the Racing for Heroes speedway title again in 2015 While Newlin had a more daring approach running the high groove throughout the season. Zach's brother Lance stepped away from driving in 2014 for medical reasons and wrenched his brother to a title at SSP and the overall PASS title.

Duke had 2 wins on the season at SSP and Racing for Heroes while Newlin claimed the title with just one win in a year that was deep with talent. Tyler Reeser had a late start and dominated the win column through the summer. When the counting is done will likely land him in third. Reeser finished second in the finale at Path Valley.

Complete results will be published once IMCA recalculates the best 20 finishes with the final race included


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