Watkins Takes Hesston WinNewsPhoto

It was all Mark Watkins in the sprint main, as the young driver took the lead from fellow
front row starter Jim Kennedy at the start. Kennedy eventually dropped out while Watkins went on
to win the race. Second was a good fight between Nathan Gramley and Brian Sweitzer with Switzer
taking that position. At the line the top five were Watkins, Sweitzer, Gramley, Craig Robinson
and Riger Irvine. Heat wins went to Mark Watkins, Jim Kennedy and Brian Sweitzer.

PA 305 Sprints: 1. Mark Watkins; 2. Brian Sweitzer; 3. Nathan Gramley; 4. Craig Robinson; 5.
Roger Irvine; 6. Johnny Hagen; 7. Todd Spangler; 8. 21C Ryan Lynn; 9. Reed Thompson; 10. Tom
Worrick Jr; 11. Shawn Howe; 12. Rodney Peters; 13. Joe Zap; 14. D.J. Holland; 15. Brett
Hockenberry; 16. Cliff Conner; 17. Alan Kumpf; 18. Bill Jones Jr. 19. Jim Kennedy; 20. Nicole
Bittner; 21. Jim Marquette


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