Wes Zimmerman of Newville won his first feature by a turn in 305 Sprint action Friday night at the Path Valley Speedway Park.

Zimmerman passed Craig Robinson on lap 12 and then held off Craig Laudermilch for the win. On lap three Michael Wagner driving for the lead spun a complete 360 degrees in turn three and kept going. Cowboy Jim Kennedy took over the lead for the next several laps and then tangled on the top side of turn one with Todd Spangler and Kennedy took a fearsome flip that completely tore the wing off his number 7. After a lap 11 caution for Mike Freet, Zimmerman took the lead and the top five across the line were Zimmerman, Laudermilch, Robinson, Freet and Michael Heckman.

305 Sprints Wes Zimmerman, Craig Laudermilch, Craig Robinson, Mike Freet, Michael Heckman, Dave Wilson, Dale Thomas, Brett Hockenberry, Michael Wagner, Tim Damiani, George Riden, Todd Spangler, Jim Kennedy, DNS Jason Brandt, Brad Baxter. Heats to Freet, Robinson


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