Erin Statler is the complete racerNewsPhoto

Erin Staler doesn't pull her engine out of a crate. She builds it herself. Statler knows every inch of her car probably better than many professional drivers and she's a very accomplished driver herself.

With several wins to her credit and years of experience Statler has remained as one of the elite racers in the series and one of its most dependable and certainly one of the most talented sprint car racers around. Statler has also recorded the most races with PASS since we started archiving records in 2008.

If Cal Ripken Jr. is baseballs "Iron Man" then OUR "Iron Man" is a woman!

Erin is just one of several talented ladies that will take to the track in 2016 once again proving that it's not money, nor status and certainly not gender that wins in the PA Sprint Series. It's Talent.

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