Gramley Repeats at HesstonNewsPhoto

The sprint feature saw Nathan Gramley and Rod Ort on the front row with Third place starter Johnny Hagen taking the lead with Gramley sitting in second and Rodney Peters third. The lead went to Gramley on lap two and he was setting a torrid pace when the red waved for a crash entering the third turn that saw Peters on his side. The crash also involved Bill Jones Jr. and Andy Haus. They were all ok.

The race restarted with Gramley still in the lead and Mark Watkins headed toward the front. On lap 11 Watkins moved to second and set his sights on the Gramley but Gramley wasnt about to be denied his second win of the season. The top five were Gramley, Watkins, Roger Irvine, Ort and Brian Sweitzer. Heat wins went to Rodney Peters, Andy Haus and Mark Watkins.

Auto Locator PA 305 Sprints: 1. Nathan Gramley; 2. Mark Watkins; 3. Roger Irvine; 4. Rod Ort; 5. Brian Sweitzer; 6. Johnny Hagen; 7. Jim Kennedy; 8. Mel Light; 9. Reed Thompson; 10. Joe Zap; 11. Tom Worrick; 12. Craig Robinson; 13. Jim Wentz; 14. Cliff Conner; 15. DJ Holland; 16. Allen Kumpf; 17. Jim Marquette; 18. Ryan Lynn; 19. Andy Haus; 20. Bill Jones Jr., 21. Rodney Peters; 22. George Riden DNS Scott Ellerman.


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