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When Drew Ritchey brought the infamous 880 back to sprint car racing he chose the PASS IMCA series for it's affordability and fun. Fans everywhere have enjoyed seeing the return of the car to local competition and it didn't take long for the talented youngster to take the car to victory lane at his home track Bedford speedway racing with Laurel highlands

But he has yet to win with PASS.

Ritchey recently sat down with Christi Baker for an interview at racing Xtravaganza and they talked about racing with PASS and how crew members Wes and Chance are relatively new to sprint car racing and how Drew has enjoyed bringing these guys into his crew as the whole team is having a great time racing and looking forward to 2016.

Drew has posted his 2016 schedule which will give him numerous opportunities to pick up that first win. Ritchey will also pay close attention to Memorial day weekend when Laurel Highlands hosts their first ever inter regional race at Bedford Speedway.

Ritchey will also joining a contingent of 4 teams (so far) traveling to Nebraska on Labor day to compete in the nationals. Will Ritchey pick up that PASS win in 2016? Will he carry the PASS flag and his family legacy to a nationals win? One thing you can be sure of thes guys will enjoy every minute of it.

Thats what we're here for.


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