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With opening day just around the corner here are a few items to remember

Join IMCA - Memebership is required. its easiest to register on-line but we can do it at the track
Get your hard card - we'll be checking. If you think it's lost we'll help you find it. Bring any paperwork that may help.

We're not sending anyone home if you don't have this stuff. Just help us get everyone done.

Visitors -make sure you are on the schedule and approved. You need to know your handicapping situation when you arrive. In the past we have blocked visitors due to paperwork so we hope the teams that visit are co-operative

Be prepared to sign the waiver - At he track. Please don't bring them pre-signed. Please understand the waiver as it's our basis of operation it's not intended to trick you it's intended to inform you so you can do the most important thing of all...

HAVE FUN - we don't require that you have fun but once we get past the paperwork and everything else it's why we're here, lets make 2-16 a great season!


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