Stief to make several stops in 2016NewsPhoto

Rick Stief will make several visits to PASS in 2016. The Garnet Valley PA driver has been with TSRS since 2011 after moving from micro sprints. He will return to action with TSRS as well as several visits to PASS.

Ricks home track is Bridgeport where family and friends are always nearby he also enjoys running at Grandview with TSRS he has had several races at Lincoln and Port Royal over the past few years. Stief was eager to get races scheduled with PASS for 2016 and was the first of several teams to get on the schedule and request races. You can check out his PASS plans by following his team in our team section.

Visitors register for races on the web page and we work with regional directors to give them an opportunity to visit. This allows teams that are exclusively RaceSaver(R) an opportunity to travel here while we make sure that their home regions isn't negatively impacted. Visitors are handicapped for a few races and once we've seen them a few times they can be excluded from handicapping. Rick has been visiting for the past 3 years and has some earned the exemption.


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