Family and friendship is everything to Kyle LloydNewsPhoto

It's not easy to win in the PASS series so Kyle Lloyd must feel like Susquehanna Speedway owes him one. Kyle was just 1 turn away from his first ever victory after running a masterful race in 2014 only to see it slip away. The talented young driver and dedicated family man had to regroup after that night but he's been through worse.

Lloyd lost his father in a race track incident when he ran micro sprints. Carl Dillman was close friends with Kyles dad and vowed to help him achieve his dream of running a sprint car. Together they field a competitive car on a shoestring budget knowing their talent is their most valuable asset. The Severn Maryland driver has posted his 2016 schedule and if we get to run this week at Susquehanna you can look for Kyle and his crew to be on hand looking to earn that win he so much deserves.

You can look for Kyle in the team section where he currently sets 7th in early season standings.


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