Ellerman claims Grove win ln his BirthdayNewsPhoto

In the 20-lap 305 sprint main it was Landisburg's Scott Ellerman taking the victory on his birthday. Jaremi Hanson took the lead at the start of the 305 sprint main followed by Ellerman.

And just like in the 410 sprint car main, traffic would play a factor in the race for the lead.

Hanson struggled with the backmarkers giving Ellerman his chance and he made good on a run with three laps to go to steal the win.

Hanson then tried to come back on Ellerman for the victory but to no avail as a caution flag with two laps to go cleared the track, allowing Ellerman to drive away.

Mike Kiser was third followed by Zach Newlin and Jordan Thomas.

Sixth through 10th went to George Riden, Colby Dice, Dave Brown Jr., Ken Duke and Stephanie Dodson.

Jared Esh won the Wee Bee Audio and Video Hard Charger Award for driving from 23rd to 15th at the finish.

Heats went to Ellerman, Newlin and Riden with Rick Stief taking the consolation race.

305 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Scott Ellerman, 2. Jeremi Hanson, 3. Mike Kiser, 4. Zach Newlin, 5. Jordan Thomas, 6. George Riden, 7. Colby Dice, 8. Dave Brown Jr., 9. Ken Duke, 10. Stephanie Dodson, 11. John Martin, 12. Darren Miller, 13. Jeff Geiges, 14. Geoff Gill, 15. Jared Esh, 16. Kyle Ganoe, 17. Alex Potsoky, 18. Scott Lutz, 19. Erin Statler, 20. Ian Detweiler, 21. Jay Krout, 22. Jon Haegele, 23. Andrew Hake, 24. Rick Steif

DNQ: Mark Watkins, Tyler Reeser, John Bordlemay, Terry Schaeffer, Keith Anderson, Austin Burke, Neil Petock


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