Schweikart takes first ever win at Path ValleyNewsPhoto

Dale Schweikart drove from his 6th place starting spot to pick up from his first ever PASS/IMCA win Saturday at Path Valley Saturday night. Schweikart used the low groove to overtake veteran Ryan Lynn to move into the top spot while Lynn managed a second place finish with a contact lens folded over in one eye for much of the race. Drew Ritchey, Zack Newlin and Scott Ellerman rounded out the top 5.

Schweikart has been with PASS since 2013 running mostly at Clinton County and Path Valley. Dale had a string of 3rd place finishes at Path Valley in recent races but finally saw victory lane on Saturday night.

PASS/IMCA 305 Sprints (23 cars):
1. Dale Schweikart 2. Ryan Lynn 3. Drew Ritchey 4. Zack Newlin 5. Scott Ellerman 6. Kyle Ganoe 7. Cale Reigle 8. Bobby Sandt, Jr. 9. John Martin 10. Geoff Gill 11. Randy Sterling 12. Dave Guss, Jr. 13. Jake Thornton 14. Mike Alleman 15. Kirsten Hess 16. Tyler Reeser 17. Dave Grube 18. Stephanie Dodson 19. Andrew Hake 20. Cody Hackenberry 21. Kyle Lloyd 22. Scott Lutz 23. Brad Mellott


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