Dave Brown picks up first PASS win at the GroveNewsPhoto

Dave Brown wired the field for the PASS 305 sprint feature victory, his second of the season overall on the circuit.

Scott Ellerman rode home second followed by Drew Ritchie, Scott Frack and Zach Newlin.

Heats went to John Martin, Newlin, Alex Potosky and Colby Dice with Jaremi Hanson taking the consolation race.

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305 sprints, 20 laps: 1. Dave Brown, 2. Scott Ellerman, 3. Drew Ritchie, 4. Scott Frack, 5. Zach Newlin, 6. Colby Dice, 7. Stephanie Dodson, 8. Cale Reigle, 9. Kyle Ganoe, 10. John Bordlemay, 11. Rick Steif, 12. John Martin, 13. George Riden, 14. Jon Haegele, 15. Erin Statler, 16. Jay Krout, 17. Alex Potosky, 18. Mike Alleman, 19. Jaremi Hanson, 20. Ian Detweiler, 21. Daren Bolac, 22. Zack Burd, 23. Tom Worrick, 24. Geoff Gill, 25. Austin Burke, 26. Chad Koch

DNQ: Kevin Fletcher, Terry Schaeffer, Tyler Reeser, Samantha Leiberman, Eric Mathiet, Kirsten Hess


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