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Austin Burke posted this message on Facebook and expressed his thanks to all of the teams via e-mail on Saturday. We look forward to Austin returning to the track and opportunities to express our thanks in person in the near future.

Austins message

Id like to thank you all. I just accepted the donations from the gofundme page. Its a truly humbling experience. I was overwhelmed with the support, I never expected any of this, from competitors, photographers, people I considered my rival (whether they knew it or not), people whom I've never seen before, all coming together. Matt and Kahla Miller and Beer Hill Gang have all been amazing through all this. Setting up the pages for Jake and I, networking people to get me safety gear, helping out PASS, for everything, I want to thank you guys. I want to thank Ashley Cappetta for stepping up and sending me a new pair of alpine stars gloves. (I have them sitting next to my old ones, it's a scary comparison. Drivers, if your gloves are oil soaked and full of holes, get new ones.) It's people like her that make the racing family as great as it is. Thanks to Sherry Schulkins for keeping everyone updated on Jake as he progresses through this tough situation. My hands are healing quicker than I am right now, but I plan to be back in a car as soon as I can. After my safety stuff is replaced, all the money left over will be going to Jake and his family. They have a long road ahead of them, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Again, thank you all so much. -Austin


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