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Twin 305 sprint mains were taken by Jeff Miller in a make-up main held over from May while Tyler Reeser won the regularly slated main.

In other news, an open bid auction of racing memorabilia and items along with spontaneous donations to benefit recently injured driver Jake Waters netted the local pilot over $11,000.

Jeff Miller of Huntingdon led flag to flag to win the make up 305 sprint feature.

Mark Watkins moved up from fourth starting spot to claim second followed by point leader Nate Gramley, John Martin and Drew Ritchie.

The regularly slated 305 sprint main saw Tyler Reeser take the lead from Ken Duke Jr. on the fourth lap to run to the win.

Mike Kiser secured second from Duke on the eighth tour while Duke raced third to the finish line.

Jeff Miller and John Martin completed the top five.

Heats went to Miller, Duke and Mike Alleman.

305 sprint make up, 18 laps: 1. Jeff Miller, 2. Mark Watkins, 3. Nathan Gramley, 4. John Martin, 5. Drew Ritchie, 6. Ken Duke Jr., 7. Cale Reigle, 8. Zach Newlin, 9. Scott Lutz, 10. Kyle Ganoe, 11. Dave Grube, 12. Ryan Lynn, 13. Scott Ellerman, 14. Jon Haegele, 15. Erin Statler

DNS: Geoff Gill, Alan Kumpf, Steve Storrie, Jake Waters

305 sprints, 18 laps: 1. Tyler Reeser, 2. Mike Kiser, 3. Ken Duke Jr., 4. Jeff Miller, 5. John Martin, 6. Mark Watkins, 7. Nathan Gramley, 8. Zach Newlin, 9. John Branett, 10. Kyle Ganoe, 11. Jon Haegele, 12. Cale Reigle, 13. Reed Thompson, 14. Scott Lutz, 15. Ryan Lynn, 16. Mike Alleman, 17. Erin Statler, 18. Dylan Shatzer, 19. Vance Berry, 20. Dave Grube, 21. Billy Burkholder, 22. Drew Ritchie, 23. Scott Ellerman


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