Ganoe picks up first PASS winNewsPhoto

Kyle Ganoe has been racing Sprint cars for years. He survived a fiery crash at Port Royal several years ago and may have thought that changed his fate in sprint car racing.

That changed Saturday night when Ganoe picked up his first ever sprint car win at Path Valley.

Ganoe started on the pole and took to the lead, as the leaders approached lapped traffic Scott Lutz was putting on the pressure when a yellow slowed the field on lap 11. Ganoe took the lead on the restart and seemed destined for the win with Tyler Reeser closing the gap behind him when a yellow flag came out on lap 24 for a spinning Dave Grube. With Reeser on his bumper Ganoe pulled away on the green, white checkered finish for the win. Reeser was second and Lutz came home 3rd.

305 Sprints (23 cars):
1. Kyle Ganoe 2. Tyler Reeser 3. Scott Lutz 4. Donnie Hendershot 5. Zack Newlin 6. Randy Sterling 7. Scott Ellerman 8. Dale Schweikart 9. Cale Reigle 10. Cody Hackenberry 11. Kyle Lloyd 12. Drew Ritchey 13. John Bordlemay 14. Stephanie Dodson 15. Mike Allaman 16. Dave Grube 17. Danny Stratton 18. Seth Kearchner 19. Kirsten Hess 20. Dave Graber 21. Dave Guss, Jr. 22. Brad Mellott
DNS: Bobby Sandt, Jr.


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