HESSTON, PA – The PA Auto Locator 305 Sprints were added to the Hesston
Speedway schedule at the last minute and it was an addition Craig Robinson had
to appreciate, taking his first win of the season at the Huntingdon oval.
Repeat winners included Mike Shoemaker in the limited late model special,
Bill Henney in the street stocks and Joe Dearmitt in the Walters Auto Wrecking
and Salvage Hobby Stocks.
The sprints were added during the week and 25 drivers participated in the
event with Craig Robinson and Joe Zap on the front row. At the initial waving
of Gary Deem’s green flag Robinson took the lead and began to pull away from
the field. Second was anyone’s race Zap, Rodge Irvine, Johnny Hagen, Ryan Lynn
and Nathan Gramley all looking to advance their positions, but they weren’t
able to catch Robinson until he caught lapped traffic and that tightened the
Robinson was able to work through the traffic, but second through sixth were
closing in and still jockeying for the runner up spot, but when it was all
done and said it was Robinson taking his first win of the season, holding off
Irvine, Zap, Hagan and Lynn. Heat wins went to Mark Watkins, Nathan Gramley
and Johnny Hagen.

PA Auto Locator Sprints: 1. #16 Craig Robinson; 2. #12 Roger Irvine; 3.
#33Z Joe Zap; 4. #3 John Hagen; 5. #21C Ryan Lynn; 6. #23 Nathan Gramley;
7. #4 Rodney Peters; 8. #11 Mike Freet; 9. #1 Brian Sweitzer; 10. #76
Andy Haus; 11. #99 George Riden; 12. #23J Dave Youtz; 13. #79 Mel Light; 14 #9
Ryan Hanson; 15. #55 Mike Wagner II; 16. #88 Jim Wentz; 17. #R6 Reed
Thompson; 18. #17W Mark Watkins; 19. #6 Tim Kline; 20. #89 D.J. Holland; 21 #12J
Bill Jones Jr.; 22. #68M Jim Moffett; 23. #22 Jim Marquette


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