LE Contingency Update for 7/21NewsPhoto

Lubrication Engineers Inc. has offered a $200 contingency award to competing PA 305 Sprint teams at Port Royal Speedway 7/21/07. 305 teams gained eligibility by purchasing one of the High Performance lubricants offered by LE.

LE has proved to be a winning combination for several of these teams as well as other 358 and 410 teams across Central PA.

Teams currently eligible for the PA305 LE contingency award:

#47 Tom Worrick
#17 Shawn Howe
#23 Nathan Gramely
#44w Tim Damiani
#3 Johnny Hagen
#17w Mark Watkins
#84 Cliff Conner
#17d Duff Aurand

Teams wishing to become eligible for the $200 LE award have till Friday 7/20/07 to place an order with Lubrication Engineers. To contact LE call Dave Bolger at: 717-363-1256 or email bolg1818@aol.com.


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