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With the season fast approaching here are a few important items to remember

Read and understand the waiver, there are some updates and you will be required to sign when you come to race.

New teams - make sure you are interviewed and active, you must be on our active roster to race. Visitors must be on the schedule after properly notifying us that you are coming.

IMCA is required, if you don't have your card at the track we'll be having you complete the form and collecting payment (made out to IMCA) at the track, No exceptions

Hard Card - you need to have your hard card, if you are in the process of receiving it please bring any paperwork you have

Transponders! - most of our tracks will be using transponders, it's probably wise to get your own as it will likely save you money in the long run, availability of rentals is usually limited t tracks.

Questions please e-mail we look forward to seeing everyone at the track please don't hesitate to ask any questions as we want everyone to be able to focus on a positive experience at the track!


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