Mel Light and Jim “Cowboy” Kennedy led the PA 305 Sprints to the start and it was Kennedy who took the lead. He led the opening two laps, before Light worked past him for the lead off the fourth turn. Light was setting the pace, as young Billy Jones was coming to the front from his sixth place starting spot.

On lap eight Jones moved past Kennedy for second and started to reel in the leader. Working through the third and fourth turns the 16-year-old driver took the lead with an outside pass and began to pull away. A caution with three laps to go tightened the field and put Craig Robinson on Jones’ bumper. Jones was able to hold off Robinson for his first ever feature win. Robinson, Light, Kennedy and Rod Peters completed the top five. Heat wins were divided between Andy Haus, Joe Zap and Billy Jones Jr.

PA 305 Sprints: 1. #12J Bill Jones Jr.; 2. #16 Craig Robison; 3. #79 Mel Light; 4. #7 Jim Kennedy; 5. #4 Rodney Peters; 6. #33Z Joe Zap; 7. �#23 Nathan Gramley;_8.__#12 Roger Irvine;_9._ #76 Andy Haus; 10. #8 Randy Kaylor; 11. #3 John Hagen; 12. #27 Brett Hockenberry; 13. #1 Brian Sweitzer; 14. #47 Tom Worrick Jr.; 15. #8H Michael Heckman; 16. #R6 Reed Thompson; 17 #6 Tim Kline; 18. #84 Cliff Conner; 19. #27K Allen Kumpf; 20. #21C Ryan Lynn; 21. #22 Jim Marquette; 22. #36 Rod Ort; 23 #17W Mark Watkins


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