Reeser holds off Reigle for Port winNewsPhoto

The crash-laden 305 sprint main saw Tyler Reeser wire the field after starting the race in fourth.

Cale Reigle took second spot on the third lap but failed to snare the lead despite several attempts at gaining the top spot.

Red flag stoppages marred the event on the second, fifth and 10th lap.

Reeser took the win by 3.229 seconds over Reigle, Mark Watkins, Drew Ritchey and Colby Dice.

Sixth through 10th went to Zach Newlin, Reed Thompson, Kassidy Kreitz, Andrew Hake and Fred Arnold with only those 10 cars finishing the event.

Heats went to Jeff Miller, Nathan Gramley and Thompson.

Reeser set a new one-lap track record in the feature with a lap of 17.583 seconds, overtaking a new mark set by Miller in the first heat race.
305 Sprints, 18 laps: 1. Tyler Reeser, 2. Cale Reigle, 3. Mark Watkins, 4. Drew Ritchey, 5. Colby Dice, 6. Zach Newlin, 7. Reed Thompson, 8. Kassidy Kreitz, 9. Andrew Hake, 10. Fred Arnold, 11. Dave Grube, 12. Erin Statler, 13. John Walp, 14. Jeremy Hill, 15. Jeff Miller, 16. Nathan Gramley, 17. Dylan Shatzer, 18. Jaremi Hanson, 19. Scott Ellerman, 20. Samantha Lieberman, 21. Darren Miller, 22. Kyle Ganoe, 23. Ron Aurand

DNS: Jacob Gomola, Ken Duke


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