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We've had some questions about registration for the Keystone RaceSaver Challenge this week.

This race has always used a pre-registration and has normally been run late in the season, due to the rain out we've altered the program slightly, we encourage teams to visit the race page by using the link on our website for full details but here is the abbreviated version.

There is no fee to pull a pill or pre-register. We did this to streamline things saturday as we are running as part of (basically) a regular saturday event. This is an interregional race which means that all RaceSaver/IMCA teams are welcome to race we strongly encourage teams to pre-register so we know they are coming and so we have some assurance you have reviewed the details.

We will handicap rookies (from any region) and normal handicapping is in place for teams that also run other divisions (which is also normal for this race) If you've participated in unsanctioned races you should definitely let us know. Absolutely no double duty.

Basically if you run exclusively RaceSaver and you're not a rookie you are not handicapped if you meet this criteria yo don't need to register but it would be great to know you are coming. If you've never run with PASS or you are involved with anything else it's best you register to clarify any possible handicapping.

You MUST have an IMCA license, if you don't have that done we can handle it for you Saturday. You must have a Hard Card (or verification you have one coming)

Finally, YES this is a points race. We run under the best 20 of your first 40 in PASS and this is another opportunity for our teams to get one of their 20 races in. We also report points to IMCA for rookie, state and national points etc as we do with every race during the points season.

if you have questions please reach out this week .


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