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After two attempts at a start of the 305 sprint main, Ian Detweiler took the lead and had Mark Watkins chasing him in second when a caution flag unfurled with nine laps completed.

On the restart, Stephanie Dodson got around Watkins for second and again swapped the spot in the fourth corner before the lap could be completed.

And as it would turn out, that flip flop for second on the restart ended up being the race for the lead as Detweiler spun in front of the field while in command on the 16th tour, causing another yellow flag period and handing the lead to Watkins.

Dodson was unable to challenge on the lap 16 restart and it was Watkins taking advantage of the spin for the win.

Dodson was second followed by Scott Ellerman, Colby Dice and Cale Reigle.

Sixth through 10th went to Kyle Ganoe, Dave Brown Jr., Ken Duke Jr., Tommy Carberry and Darren Miller.

Heats went to Detweiler, Kyle Craker and Miller.

May 26, 2017
Feature Finishes

305 Sprints (20 laps): 1. Mark Watkins 2. Stephanie Dodson, 3. Scott Ellerman, 4. Colby Dice, 5. Cale Reigle, 6. Kyle Ganoe, 7. Dave Brown Jr., 8. Ken Duke Jr., 9. Tommy Carberry, 10. Darren Miller, 11. Kyle Craker, 12. Dave Grube, 13. Alex Potosky, 14. Donnie Hendershot, 15. Jon Haegele, 16. Mike Alleman, 17. Austin Bishop, 18. Jay Krout, 19. Erin Statler, 20. Tom Worrick, 21. Fred Arnold, 22. Kurt Knepper, 23. Ian Detweiler, 24. Andrew Hake, 25. Tyler Reeser, 26. Zach Newlin

DNS: Joe Kay, Dylan Shatzer


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