Gramley Repeats at HessstonNewsPhoto

The sprint feature saw Reed Thompson and Joe Zap on the front row with Thompson taking the lead. As he led Nathan Gramley was quickly approaching the leader and took the lead with an outside pass off the fourth turn on lap four.
Mark Watkins moved to second by lap eight and a caution on lap 11 tightened the field. Watkins looked under Gramley in the first and second turns and Watkins wheel hopped Gramleys left back, Watkins front end broke and he was along for the ride across the track in front of the field. Zap was unable to avoid Watkins and the pair collined, hitting the inside wall and Watkins flipping with Zap on top of him. Luckily no one was hurt.
In the restart Gramley led with Roger Irvine a close second trying to steal the win, but Gramley held on as the races second and final red waved just after the checkered flew for a flipping Brent Hockenberry. He wasnt hurt. The top five were Gramley, Irvine, Zap, Craig Robinson and George Riden. Heat race wins went to Craig Robinson, Rodney Peters and Mark Watkins.

305 Sprints: 1. #23 Nathan Gramley; 2. #12 Roger Irvine; 3. #33z Joe Zap; 4. #16 Craig Robinson; 5. #99 George Riden; 6. #R6 Reed Thompson; 7. #8H Mike Heckman; 8. #23J Dave Youtzy; 9. #1 Brian Sweitzer; 10. #21C Ryan Lynn; 11. #71 Nicole Bittner; 12. #79 Mel Light; 13. #6 Tim Kline; 14. #84 Cliff Conner; 15. #27 Brent Hockenberry; 16. #7 Jim Kennedy; 17. #17W Mark Watkins; 18. #7X Eddie Schlegel; 19. #4 Rodney Peters; 20. #27K Allan Kumpf; 21. #22 Jim Marquette; 22. #47 Tom Worrick Jr; DNS: #12J Bill Jones Jr., #32 Todd Lynn, #3 Johnny Hagen


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