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Ryan Lynn picked up the win at Path Valley Saturday night in a thriller on a very emotional night.

The most experienced driver in PASS history won from the pole but it wasn't easy. A 26 car field took the green with track officials opting to forego a consy and let all cars in attendance run. The smooth running lynn held the lead for most of the race while Kyle Ganoe and Zach Newlin both made a charge from deep in the field. As the race drew to a close lapped car of Kristen Hess found herself in the middle of a battle for the lead as Ganoe eyed another win and focused on the PASS title and Newlin drove with emotion looking to score an important win for a dear friend lost just early Saturday.

William Sweger, a young race fan that has been fighting Leukemia for some time succumbed to the illness early Saturday after a long fight. Newlin championed a support campaign for "Williams Fight" and others from the racing community joined in the fight to providing financial and emotional support for William and the Family during the long struggle. Williams parents were on Hand Saturday night just hours after their son lost his life as they were most comfortable in the company of the racing family at the races that William enjoyed so much.
A moment of silence was observed for William and Newlin Paced the field before the race to honor the family and his young fan.

Lynn surrendered the lead briefly but regained it as the top 3 shuffled for position through lap traffic. Ganoe gave a strong run but remained cautious amid the determination of Newlin. A late crash triggered 2 green white checkered restarts but Newlin settled for second in a valiant attempt. Ganoe came home 3rd.

PASS Sprints (26 cars):
1. Ryan Lynn 2. Zach Newlin 3. Kyle Ganoe 4. Darren Miller 5. Drew Ritchey 6. Andrew Hake 7. Stephanie Dodson 8. Scott Ellerman 9. Jaremi Hanson 10. Colby Dice 11. Cale Reigle 12. Jonathan Haegele 13. Austin Bishop 14. Ken Duke, Jr. 15. Kirsten Hess 16. Kurt Knepper 17. Dale Schweikart (DNF) 18. Joe Kay (DNF) 19. Jonathon Jones 20. John Walp (DNF) 21. Brad Mellott (DNF) 22. Mike Alleman (DNF) 23. Dave Guss, Jr. (DNF) 24. Dakota Schweikart (DNF) 25. Jim Cowboy Kennedy (DNF) 26. Tyler Reeser (DNF)


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