Grube holds off Reeser for Selinsgrove winNewsPhoto

Dave Grube was in a race long battle with Cale Reigle during the 305 Sprint Car main event. Reigle took over the top spot from Grube on lap eight. Grube then entered into a tight battle with Tyler Resser for the second spot. Resser was able to grab the spot before Grube took it back.

The battle for second proved that much more important when the rear axel broke on Reigel’s number 99 on lap 14. It was the first and only caution flag of the race.

On the restart Grube had pressure right away from Reeser. Reeser continued to try to use the momentum of the outside line for the remaining laps to take the race lead away. Grube on the other hand stayed loyal to the inside line.

Although Reeser got very close on the last two laps, he was never able to pass Grube. Grube’s checkered flag was his first at the speedway.

Reeser was second with Zach Newlin, Jeremi Hanson, and Austin Bishop rounding out the top five finishers.

Sixth through tenth in the finishing order went to Ken Duke, Nathan Gramley, Jared Zionkowski, Andrew Hake, and Dave Graber.

Newlin and Hake took heat race victory in the 305 Sprint Cars.

305 Sprint Cars – 19 Entries
20-Lap A-Main: 1) 3D Dave Grube 2) 5T Tyler Reeser 3) 11Z Zach Newlin 4)36 Jeremi Hanson 5) 11 Austin Bishop 6) 67 Ken Duke 7) 23 Nathan Gramley 8) 41Z Jared Zionkowski 9) 77 Andrew Hake 10) 51 Dave Graber 11) 137 Ian Cumens 12) 23L Samantha Lieberman 13) 5 John Walp 14) 2 Erin Statler 15) 61J Johnny Scarborough 16) 44K Kristine Hess 17) 88 Fred Arnold 18) 99 Cale Reigle 19) 86 Teddy Thomas
Heat Winners: Zach Newlin, Andrew Hoke


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