Ellerman nets Beer Hill Cup with Win at the GroveNewsPhoto

Congratulations to Scott Ellerman who picked up the Beer Hill Cup Friday night at the Grove after picking up a highly contested win which also netted him the Title of the first ever 6 race Beer Hill Cup Summer Series.

PASS Feature (20 laps): 1. Scott Ellerman. 2. Austin Bishop. 3. Bobby Butler 4. Jaremi Hanson. 5. Zach Newlin 6. Dave Brown. 7. Tyler Reeser. 8. Eddie Wagner. 9. Colby Dice. 10. Darren Miller. 11. Cale Reigle. 12. Tommy Carberry. 13. Rick Stief. 14. Jeff Geiges. 15. Jon Haegele. 16. Scott Frack. 17. Jay Kraut. 18. Tom Carberry. 19. Kyle Ganoe. 20. Ian Cummins. 21. Stephanie Dodson. 22. Dave Grube. 23. Tim Tanner Jr. 24. Ken Duke Jr. 25. George Riden. 26. Fred Arnold
Did Not Qualify: Dave Bonnes, Mike Alleman, Erin Statler, Kirsten Hess, Vance Berry, Kassidy Kreitz, John Webster II, Kurt Knepper, Jared Zionkowki, Josh Fox, Teddy Thomas, Rod Ort, John Walp, Andrew Hake, Keith Anderson, Brandon Puff, Sydney Price, Kyle Smith, Johnny Scarborough.


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