Nitro Nick Takes first ever PASS winNewsPhoto

Sweigarts first ever win for car owner Randy Kaylor is 15th different winner in 29 races

Nick Sweigart wired the field to post the win in the 20-lap Freedmont(R) Mortgage PASS/IMCA 305 Sprint car feature.

Starting on the pole, Sweigart dominated the event but two late race cautions kept things interesting at the front but it was Sweigart scoring his first win at the track ahead of Kyle Smith, Darren Miller, Austin Bishop and Kassidy Kreitz with 16th starter Dave Brown coming home sixth over Eddie Wagner, Zach Newlin, 21st starter Ken Duke, Jr. and John Scarborough.

Drew Ritchey, Scott Ellerman, Ian Detweiler and Darren Miller were heat race winners for the 37 Freedmont(R) Mortgage 305 Sprints. Ken Duke, Jr. and Greg Dobrosky were double consolation winners.

1. 8-Nick Sweigart, 2. 17-Kyle Smith, 3. 9C-Darren Miller, 4. 11-Austin Bishop, 5. 69K-Kassidy Kreitz, 6. 44X-Dave Brown, 7. 70-Eddie Wagner, 8. 11z-Zach Newlin, 9. 67-Ken Duke, Jr., 10. 61-John Scarborough, 11. 8D-Scott Ellerman, 12. 9B-Brendan Poff, 13. 0-Kyle Ganoe, 14. 50-Jay Krout, 15. 5-John Walp, 16. 88-Greg Dobrosky, 17. 19-Ian Detweiler, 18. 36-Jaremi Handon, 19. 99-George Riden, 20. 23-Samantha Lieberman, 21. 880-Drew Ritchy, 22. 12-Joe Kay, 23. 75-Dylan Shatzer, 24. 30-Dave Grube.


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