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If you squint you can see his trailer

Eagle Nebraska

Over 115 cars participated in this year's RaceSaver(R) nationals at Eagle Nebraska. The pits were filled with Huge haulers but when they lined up for the A-Main Sunday night it was the smallest trailer towed by a pickup truck that traveled the most distance and made the A-main. 2016 champ Ken Duke made the long tow from Selinsgrove PA to make the a-main at the biggest race that RaceSaver has to offer.

Several cars from PA Including Duke, Jaremi Hanson, Samantha Lieberman, Randy Sterling, Kyle Coldwell Jr. and Rod Ort made the long tow.

Duke made the A-main Friday winning his heat race from the outside pole but got run over from behind on the first lap of the main, the crew made repairs but were unable to make the required 9 place position from the rear. With the pill draw inverted for Saturday Duke had to pull from the second 100 putting him in the 5th in his heat race. There is a total of 14 heat races at the nationals and with duke being placed in the 13th heat race Duke packed something for the trip that the locals didn't have.

The Donnie Kreitz low groove.

Duke has been a longtime fan of Krietz and has mastered the art of finding traction on the low side where nobody else can. Using the low side Duke advanced to the second-place finish earning him a spot deep in the B-main. Once again Duke used the low groove in the B-main to advance into the final qualifying spot in Sundays big dance.

On Sunday as Ken lined up for the feature and did driver introductions the track crew tore up the track and thoroughly watered the surface offering a fast surface from top to bottom, Duke had prepared for another run at the low grove but still managed a 21st place finish as the feature nearly went non-stop.

AST competitors Kyle Coldwell Jr. and Randy Sterling made it to the E-main with Colwell finishing 13th and Sterling 21st after advancing from the F-main

Jaremi Hanson had come to the nationals in 2016 and missed the show by 2 spots but this year suffered the opposite fortune of Duke by drawing heats and starting positions that didn't favor his skills on the top side collecting a 6th place F-main finish overall. Samantha Lieberman from MASS struggled all weekend after being given a drum of gas instead of methanol on night one finally collecting a 17th place finish in the same race, Ort finished 20th


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