Reigle wins Clinton County Ganoe takes track titleNewsPhoto

In the IMC sprint car feature Cale Reigle also led the feature the whole 20-laps to score his second win of the season, while with his ninth-place finish, Kyle Ganoe could win the track title 5-points over Ken Duke. Reigle had an early challenge from Zach Newlin for the top spot, but after a few laps, he was able to pull away, while sixth starting Ken Duke worked his way into the third spot at the halfway mark and was challenging for second.

On that lap, the only caution of the race flew for Dave Guss Jr. This tighten up the field for the restart, but again Cale could drive off for the win. "This car was not good tonight, but I guess everybody else was worst of then me", noted Cale. Starting up front was key tonight, and that helped us, because I was just waiting for someone to come along and get by us, but it did not happen", stated Cale. Zach Newlin pulled away late from a battle he and Ken Duke where having for second with Tyler Reeser and Scott Lutz in the top five. Heats went to Newlin and Ganoe.

IMCA Sprints 1(99 Cale Reigle 2(11 Zach Newlin 3(67 Ken Duke 4(5T Tyler Reeser 5(33 Scott Lutz 6(78S Dakota Schweiart 7(Dale Schweikart 8(5 John Walp 9(0 Kyle Ganoe 10(26 Ryan Lynn 11(6 Tyler Denochick 12(R6 Reed Thompson 13(19 Tylor Cochran 14(00 Randy Sterling 15(61 John Scarborough 16(3 Josh Guiher 17(69 Eric Mathiot 18(72 Dave Guss Jr.


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