Haus wins, Irvine Champ at HesstonNewsPhoto

Scott Ellerman led Reed Thompson off the fourth turn to start the sprint feature. He was setting the pace for 10 when Andy Haus and Roger Irvine reeled him in and they were all fighting for the lead. By lap 11 Haus went to the outside off the second turn and took the lead and eventual win. The top five were Haus, Ellerman, Irvine, Craig Robinson and Tim Kline. Heat wins went to Scott Ellerman, Mike Heckman and Roger Irvine. The Points ended last week for the sprints and Irvine will be crowned the champion at the banquet later this year.

PA 305 Sprints: 1. #76 Andy Haus, 2. #10 Scott Ellerman, 3. #12 Roger Irvine, 4. #16 Craig Robinson, 5. #6 Tim Kline, 6. #36 Rod Ort, 7. #R6 Reed Thompson, 8. #12J Bill Jones Jr, 9. #8H Mike Heckman, 10. #7 Jim Kennedy, 11. #21C Ryan Lynn, 12. #47 Tom Worrick, 13. #3 Johnny Hagen, 14. #17D Ron Aurand, 15. #27 Brett Hockenberry, 16. #79 Mel Light DNS: #27K Allen Kumpf, #89 DJ Holland


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