Ritchey tops Bishop in last turn PV winNewsPhoto

Austin bishop and Drew Ritchey but on a textbook display of RaceSaver racing Saturday at Path Valley Speedway. The pair started on the front row and ran close the whole race. Bishop held the lead at the flag stand for nearly every lap but Ritchey remained in close contention and as the race progressed was able to get to the inside of bishop numerous times even edging into the lead.

As the pair approached lap traffic it seemed Ritchey would have the better groove but Bishop found the way to stay ahead until the final turn. Bishop chose the middle groove and seems set for the win when Ritchey found some grip coming off turn 4 taking the lead at the checkered.

Ryan Stillwagon was 3rd in his first appearance at Path Valley with Dale Schweikart and Brad Mellot rounding out the top 5.

6. Kyle Smith 7. Kyle Ganoe 8. Tylor Cochran 9. Donnie Hendershot 10.Greg Dobrosky 11. Zach Newlin 12 Ryan Lynn 13 Kurt Knepper 14. Dan Leaper 15 Josh Guiher 16 Colton Hoover 17 Nathan Gramley


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