Ganoe earns Founders Cup NewsPhoto

Kyle Ganoe let all 15 laps of the Founders Cup race for non-qualifiers on Saturday night.

Gordy Lynn and his son Todd Lynn who were among the group of founders who originally started the series in 1998 were on hand to present the trophy. The Founders cup race honors the extraordinary vision of the original founders who gambled on putting together a group of just a few cars under RaceSaver rules which has been instrumental in the nationwide growth of RaceSaver(R).

The race for the non-qualifiers not only gives a meaningful feature event with a full regular purse for another 24 cars but it carries a "Golden Ticket" which secures the holder a guaranteed starting position in the 2018 event as long as they remain exclusive to Racesaver

FC finishKyle Ganoe, Christian Rumsey, Brendon Poff, Nathan Gramley, Colby Dice, Ryan Lynn, Stevie Kennawell, Brian Lawson, Colton Hoover, Randy Sterling, Fred Arnold, Tim Smolenyak, Mike Alleman, Kristen Hess, Erin Statler, Darren Bolac, Dave Guss Jr., Dan Hennessy, Zack Burd, Jonathan Jones, Bradley Mellott, John Walp, Jay Krout, Brian Sweitzer,

DNQ - Tom Humphries, Kyle Craker, Ian Cumens, Jacob Gomola, Kurt Knepper, Matthew Kline, Andrew Hake, Roger Irvine, Mike Schuckers


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