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Rick Stief has been a PASS visitor for years. Rick has seen the checkers with his home region MASS but has yet to pick up a PASS win despite some runner up finishes.

Could 2018 be the year?

He finished 44th in points in 2018 with 8 races. For 2018 he's already planning on more events along with races with MASS

Each year he's always helpful getting our visitor scheduling right on the web page and with his help the process gets easier. Pre-registering helps our volunteers make sure that visitors have all their paperwork etc. before visiting and it makes the whole process much more pleasant for everyone. This year our RaceSaver exclusive visitors automatically appear on our schedule once they have registered an run a race! We appreciate Ricks help getting this working.

You can check out his schedule by using the team page link. Good luck Rick in 2018!


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