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Nick Sweigart led all but the final lap of the 305 sprint main, falling victim to an increasingly ragged outside cushion.

Sweigart had Austin Bishop challenging during the first half of the race and then found Jeff Miller in pursuit during the second half.

With a few laps to go Sweigart clouted the outside first turn wall but saved the car and his lead as he appeared headed to a first ever Port Royal win.

But that outside wall bit again, this time as he sailed near it in the third and fourth turns where he ended up riding the wall before losing control and spinning as he headed to the checkers.

This handed the lead to Miller who made good on his fortunes to pick up the win.

Drew Ritchey was second followed by Kyle Smith, Jonathan Jones and Zach Newlin.

Three heats went to Smith, Miller and Dave Grube.

305 sprints, 18 laps: 1. Jeff Miller, 2. Drew Ritchey, 3. Kyle Smith, 4. Jonathon Jones, 5. Zach Newlin, 6. Christian Rumsey, 7. Austin Bishop, 8. Ken Duke Jr., 9. John Walp, 10. Dave Grube, 11. Fred Arnold, 12. Erin Statler, 13. Robert Garvey, 14. Dave Graber, 15. Reed Thompson, 16. John Scarbourough, 17. Nick Sweigart, 18. Colton Hoover, 19. Wally Eshenaur, 20. Kyle Ganoe

DNS: Kassidy Kreitz, Jimmy White, Stephanie Dodson


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