Bishop wins Beer Hill Cup openerNewsPhoto

In the 20-lap main event for the PASS 305 Sprints, Austin Bishop took the early lead from Drew Ritchey and John Scarborough. Former PASS champion Ken Duke Jr. took third from Scarborough with three laps completed.
Bishop held a comfortable lead over Ritchey and Duke Jr. as they reached the half-way point and slower traffic.
Bishop got through traffic without much trouble scoring the win over Ritchey, Duke Jr., Zach Newlin and Darren Miller. The non-stop time was 7:15.72. Dave Grube, Scott Lutz, Jaremi Hanson, Kyle Smith and Kyle Ganoe rounded out the top 10.
Scott Lutz, John Scarborough and Zach Newlin won the heat races.

305 Sprint Car Feature Finish, 20 laps: 1. Austin Bishop. 2. Drew Ritchey. 3. Ken Duke Jr. 4. Zach Newlin. 5. Darren Miller. 6. Dave Grube. 7. Scott Lutz. 8. Jaremi Hanson. 9. Kyle Smith. 10. Kyle Ganoe. 11. John Walp. 12. John Scarborough. 13. Jay Krout. 14. Kassidy Kreitz. 15. Stephanie Dodson. 16. Andrew Hake. 17. Colten Hoover. 18. Brad Mellott. 19. Fred Arnold. 20. Erin Statler. 21. Dave Wickham. DNS: Nathan Gramley, Steve Storrie


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