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With Fifty Three IMCA RaceSaver sprints signed in to Hagerstown Speedway's pits for the first ever three region event at the Maryland raceway. When it was all done Ken Duke jr. took the win after being second on the last lap when Jeff Miller fell out. Heats were won by John Scarborough, Darren Miller, Drew Ritchey and Zach Newlin and B mains were won by Robbie Bartchy and Cale Reigle. Zach Newlin and Ryan Lynn paced the field to green with Newlin out first. Newlin looked to be running away but Jeff Miller was not letting that happen. Ken Duke was working his way to the front as the race went on. On lap seven Miller was the new leader with Newlin holding off Drew Ritchey for second with Duke closing in. Miller was smooth out front but on lap sixteen Duke was second now and not letting him get far off. Behind the front three was Newlin, Ritchey and now Scott Lutz. With laps winding down the field looked to be set but a quick yellow changed everything as with a lap to go Miller pulled in and Duke was leading as the checkered flag was waving followed by Zach Newlin and Scott Lutz. At the line it was Ken Duke Jr., Zach Newlin, Scott Lutz, Tyler Reinhart, Drew Ritchey, John Scarborough, Darren Miller, Dylan Shatzer, Ryan Lynn, John Walp, Scott Elerman, Jay Krout, Johnathan Jones, Daren Bolac, Stephanie Dodson, Robbie Bartchy, Brad Mellot, Jimmy White, Tony Harris, Jeff Miller, Cale Regale, Kassidy Krietz, Fred Arnold and John Fiore. Next Week the Virginia Sprint Series is back to Shenandoah Speedway on Saturday June 23rd.
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IMCA RaceSaver 305 Sprints - 1. 67-Ken Duke Jr., [11]; 2. 11Z-Zachary Newlin, [1]; 3. 33-Scott Lutz, [16]; 4. 4-Tyler Reinhardt, [9]; 5. 880-Drew Ritchey, [6]; 6. 61-John Scarborough, [12]; 7. 9C-Darren Miller, [8]; 8. 75-Dylan Shatzer, [10]; 9. 26-Ryan Lynn, [2]; 10. 5P-John Walp, [18]; 11. 8D-Scott Ellerman, [24]; 12. 50-Jay Krout, [5]; 13. 12J-Jonathan Jones, [23]; 14. 44V-Daren Bolac, [4]; 15. 20-Stephanie Dodson, [19]; 16. 29B-Robbie Bartchy, [21]; 17. 6X-Brad Mellott, [13]; 18. 53W-Jimmy White, [14]; 19. 6-Tony Harris, [15]; 20. 57J-Jeffrey Miller, [3]; 21. 99-Cale Reigle, [22]; 22. 69K-Kassidy Kreitz, [20]; 23. 88P-Fred Arnold, [7]; (DNS) 91J-John Fiore


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