Scarborough wins Thriller at PortNewsPhoto

In the PASS sprint car main, John Scarborough of Bomoseen, Vermont, came out on top of a thrilling event that saw him lose the lead to Darren Miller and then reclaim the spot late to hold off Miller and Kyle Smith in a wild three-car chase to the checkers.

John Scarborough raced into the lead from the pole at the start of the 18-lap PASS sprint feature as Darren Miller motored into second on the second lap.

The leader hit traffic on the ninth tour with Miller in tow and four laps later Miller used the outside in the first and second turns to get control as Scarborough tried to negotiate heavy traffic.

Miller had made attempts during the prior laps only to see Scarborough persevere at the line.

Seventh starter Kyle Smith raced into third on lap 13 and was giving chase of the leaders, whom he caught during the final three circuits.

For the last mile and a half, Smith used all his ability to find a way through and around the duo of frontrunners but at the same time, Miller and Scarborough were racing side by side for the win with Scarborough finally gaining an edge with two laps to go.

Back to the line for the finish, Scarborough took the win over Miller and Smith with Austin Bishop and Drew Ritchey completing the top five.

The main event went non-stop with heats going to Kassidy Kreitz, Miller, Scarborough and Nick Sweigart while Greg Dombrosky took the consolation race.

18 laps: 1. John Scarborough, 2. Darren Miller, 3. Kyle Smith, 4. Austin Bishop, 5. Drew Ritchey, 6. Kyle Ganoe, 7. Nick Sweigart, 8. Zach Newlin, 9. Kassidy Kreitz, 10. Nathan Gramley, 11. Reed Thompson, 12. Jonathan Jones, 13. Alex Schanz, 14. Steve Surniak, 15. Stephanie Dodson, 16. Erin Statler, 17. Greg Dombrosky, 18. Fred Arnold, 19. Roger Irvine, 20. Colton Hoover, 21. Ryan Lynn, 22. Kirsten Hess, 23. Mike Alleman, 24. Tim Smolenyak, 25. Scott Ellerman, 26. Jeff Miller

DNQ: Wally Eshenaur, Dave Graber, Jimmy White, Jacob Gomola, Robert Garvey, Kurt Knepper, Dave Guss Jr., Jaremi Hanson, Jake Waters, Josh Spicer, Josh Dressler, Cody Hackenberry, Kenny Heffner, Tyler Denochik


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