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It’s time for the racing community to come together.

And Joey Hershey needs your help. Hershey, just 25 years of age has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a cancer of the Lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system.

In Hodgkin's disease, cells in the lymphatic system grow abnormally and may spread beyond the lymphatic system. As Hodgkin's disease progresses, it compromises your body's ability to fight infection.

Hershey races the No. 44 Hershey’s Racing Engines, Wagner’s Painting sprint car at Lincoln and Port Royal Speedway’s. He is the son of motor builder Curtis Hershey.

Hershey is a full time construction worker but has no health insurance. He has received some medical help but not near what it takes for his medical attention. He has been undergoing chemotherapy for three months and will be continuing treatment with radiation for the next several months. Joey’s ability to work has been limited due to his cancer treatments.

This is where the motorsports community can make a difference and help this young man.

Mike and Ellen Wagner, owner’s Wagner Motorsports and longtime friends of the Hershey family are trying to help out where they can.

They have come up with the idea of a candle fundraiser. Candles are made by Keystone Kandles of Harrisburg and are available in 20 different flavors. There will be two options for purchasing a candle. Candles in 26 ounce jars will be $15.00 while 64 ounce jars cost just $25.00 each.

The candle fundraiser will run through the end of April. Please visit for ordering via PayPal or just by making a donation to the Joey Hershey Fund. Complete delivery information will be available on that website. Folks without internet may email me at if you are interested in helping out.

Let’s see the racing community step up as you always do in times like this and at least make a small difference to offset some of his medical expenses.


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