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HESSTON, PA The hearts of the fans were with the families of Chris Chaney and Shawn Waite Saturday night while the drivers raced their hearts out at Hesston Speedway. The evening was overshadowed by the announcement of the death of Chaney in a highway related crash and his best friend and fellow competitor, Waite was in serious condition at a Pittsburgh Hospital.
Chaney, 35, who died in an early Friday morning crash drove the #17C hobby stock while Waite drove the #4s hobby.

Mark Watkins and Cliff Conner led the sprints to the start with Watkins taking the lead and Conner falling into second. As the race continued 12th place starter Mike Heckman was headed to the front. He was up to the 4th spot when a crash in turn two send several cars to the pits. On the restart it was still Watkins with Conner still second and Heckman fighting for third. He took that position when Roger Irvine drifted to a halt in turn three.
Watkins continued to set the pace, as Conner tried to hold off Heckman, but failed to do so as Heckman took second on lap 13 and tried to reel in the leader. He was closing in on Watkins when the checkered flag waved. The top five were: Watkins, Heckman, Andy Haus, Conner and Mike Freet. Heat wins went to Cliff Conner, Mark Watkins and Andy Haus.

PA 305 Sprints: 1. #17W Mark Watkins; 2. #8H Michael Heckman; 3. #76 Andy Haus; 4. #84 Cliff Conner; 5. #11 Mike Freet; 6. #R6 Reed Thompson; 7. #5 Brent Comp; 8. #25 Tyler Bear; 9. #7 Jim Kennedy; 10. #33z Joe Zap; 11. #2 Erin Statler; 12. #47 Tom Worrick; 13. #22 Jim Marquette; 14. #10 Jake Waters; 15. #79 Mel Light; 16. #21C Todd Lynn; 17. #12 Roger Irvine; 18. #52 Ron Farrar; 19. #89 DJ Holland; 20. #D9 Don Sotosky; 21. #4 Rodney Peters; 22. #27K Alan Kumpf


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