Zap Wins Hesston SpecialNewsPhoto

The Auto Locator PA 305 Sprints were in the spotlight with a 30 lap special on tap with Joe Zap and Tim Kline leading the field to the start with it coming to an immediate red when something broke on the Reed Thompson R6, causing the car the cart-wheel end-over-end into the first turn. Luckily Thompson wasn’t injured but he was out for the night.
On the complete restart it was Zap who took the lead and held off Kline for two laps, then it was Jim Kennedy who moved into second, but as the race wore on Zap was pulling away from the field. By the 16th lap Mark Watkins moved into second and tried to reel in the leader, but to his advantage a caution slowed the race with 10 laps to go. On the restart Watkins stayed with Zap but Zap wasn’t about to be denied his first win of the season. Watkins was second with Kennedy third, Erin Statler fourth and Andy Haus from 20th to fifth. Heat wins went to Erin Statler, Mike Heckman and Roger Irvine.


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