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Chambersburg’s Michael Heckman survived the crash-marred 20-lap regularly scheduled 305 Sprint Feature for his first Lincoln win of 2008.

Heckman assumed the lead on lap 12 when Mark Watkins clipped a lapped car while leading for the second time in as many features on the night. Heckman led the rest of the way, with Todd Spangler crossing second, Andy Haus coming from 12th to finish third, Tyler Bear advancing from 20th starting spot to finish fourth, and Joey Hershey starting 14th to finish fifth. Sixth through tenth were Rod Ort, Bren Comp, Ron Aurand, Jake Waters, and Cliff Connor.

Nathan Gramley was uninjured in a spectacular crash on opening lap of the feature. Gramley vaulted over the back stretch catch fence and wrapped his car in speaker wires.

Heats for the 29 "305" Sprints were won by Ben Naugle, Mike Freet, and Watkins, with Rodney Peters winning the consolation.

Lewisberry’s Rod Ort was a happy winner early in the evening as he claimed the win in the April 26th make-up 305 Sprint feature. Ort, who started fifth, chased polesitter Mark Watkins from the start. On the 13th lap Watkins caught lapped traffic and got entangled in them exiting the fourth turn and spun, handing the lead to Ort. From there Ort held off Heckman over the final laps to take the checkered by 1.14 seconds. Andy Haus finished third, Erin Statler fourth and 20th-starting Tyler Bear fifth. Completing the top-10 were Todd Spangler, Scott Ellerman, Watkins, Craig Laudermilch, and Logan Wagner.

PA 305 Sprint Cars
Regularly Scheduled Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 8H-Michael Heckman; 2. 33T-Todd Spangler; 3. 76-Andy Haus; 4. 25-Tyler Bear; 5. 55-Joey Hershey; 6. 36-Rod Ort; 7. 5-Brent Comp; 8. 86-Ron Aurand; 9. 10W-Jake Waters; 10. 84-Cliff Conner; 11. 44-Rodney Westhaffer; 12. 7W-Logan Wagner; 13. 47-Tom Warrick; 14. 98-Jerry Speck; 15. 98S-Jeff Sell; 16. 6-Tim Kline; 17. 17W-Mark Watkins (DNF); 18. 11-Mike Freet (DNF); 19. 10-Scott Ellerman (DNF); 20. 26-Ryan Lynn (DNF); 21. 24/7-Ben Naugle (DNF); 22. 2-Erin Statler (DNF); 23. 23-Nathan Gramley (DNF); 24. 4-Rodney Peters (DNF). No Time

Make-up 4/26 Feature (20 Laps) - 1. 36-Rod Ort; 2. 8H-Michael Heckman; 3. 76-Andy Haus; 4. 2-Erin Statler; 5. 25-Tyler Bear; 6. 33T-Todd Spangler; 7. 10-Scott Ellerman; 8. 17W-Mark Watkins; 9. 44-Craig Laudermilch; 10. 55-Logan Wagner; 11. 5-Brent Comp; 12. 98S-Jeff Sell; 13. 24/7-Ben Naugle; 14. 30-Jonathan Hanna; 15. 86-Ron Aurand (DNF); 16. 84-Cliff Conner (DNF); 17. 17B-Jason Brandt (DNF); 18. 6-Tim Kline (DNF); 19. 7-Jim Kennedy (DNF); 20. 23-Nathan Gramley (DNF); DNS - 3-Johnny Hagen. No Time

Lap Leaders - Mark Watkins (1-12), Rod Ort (13-20)


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