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Our annual Fall meeting will be held at the Family House Restaurant on Saturday November 15th. Breakfast will be available starting at 8am in the meeting room. Please be sure to go to the meeting room to be part of the count. The General meeting will begin at 9am, if we do not have enough attendees at breakfast to cover the cost of the room there may be a small fee for those who arrive just for the meeting.

The meeting agenda will cover series information for new teams. Upcoming plans and updates for 2009 and finally presentation of the “Frequent contender” awards to the top 15 teams. A question/answer period will follow the presentation as well. In addition there will be door prizes including left over 10th anniversary t-shirts as well as donations from Pancho’s and possibly other vendors. If you would like to offer a door prize, please contact Rod.

We’ll also be taking orders for our 2009 t-shirts and signing up t-shirt sponsors at $150 each.

Teams are encouraged to check the news in the Team section for more details as they come up.


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